Meet Milk  designs fabrics for longevity and...


Meet Milk designs fabrics for longevity and aim to encourage and inspire mindful consumption by ensuring that every piece they make is made to be loved and worn again and again. All fabrics and sewing accessories are in a harmonious colour palette, the different products are often tone on tone and can be combined very well.

No fabric is better than the fibre from which it is made.
Materials are important, which is why Meet Milk from Denmark carefully selects the best fibres and compositions for their collections.

The most important fibres in their collections are plant-based (wood) cellulose fibres from Austrian LENZING AG, which is known for its award-winning closed production process, high chemical recovery rate, treatment and purification of waste water and use of responsibly sourced fibres.

To ensure practicality and durability, and to add properties such as stretch and improved performance, Meet Milk also works with additional fibres and blends such as organic cotton, certified European flax, elastane, polyester and polyamide - but only when they believe it serves the purpose and longevity of the fabric.