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Sewing yourself makes sense - the results are not only not produced under questionable conditions anywhere in the world, but sewn with love and craftsmanship. Homemade clothing is usually loved, worn longer and often even repaired. Sustainable fabrics and accessories not only protect the environment in the country of production - they are also easier to dispose of or recycle here.


Fabrics made from organic cotton, tencel or recycled materials

Tencel™ Lyocell fiber fabrics

Tencel™ lyocell fibers or modal fibers, a brand name of Lenzing AG, are mainly obtained from sustainably grown wood. The yield of fibers per surface is 10 times higher than that of cotton for natural fibers made of wood. The fabric for a T-shirt made of cotton or 10 T-shirts made of Tencel can be grown on 6m² of floor. The raw material for Tencel is not only obtained from certified wood, but also cotton residues from the clothing industry are used to manufacture the cellulose. The wood and fabric residues are first processed into cellulose in a patented and excellent process and then spun into Tencel fibers. In a closed cycle, only biodegradable solvents are used, which are 99% reused. So Tencel is probably the most sustainable fabric ever. Due to its sustainability, the production process was honored with the "European Award for the Environment".

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... from sustainable cultivation in certified plantations.

Cellulose production...
in biorefineries with 100% use of the wood etc. to cellulose.

Fiber production...
thanks to a patented, environmentally friendly Lyocell process.

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Tencel™ Lyocell fabrics at KATTUN

At you get a large selection of high quality Tencel fabrics for your next sewing project. All Tencel fabrics are breathable, easy to care for and low in creases.Most of the Tencel fabrics in our range are woven goods. They have a light to medium weight quality, are of high quality in the handle and fall softly and are therefore perfectly suitable for blouses, dresses, skirts and much more.Of course, all advantages also apply to our Tencel Jersey fabrics. However, they are also stretchy and therefore perfect for elegant, everyday DIY fashion.

Tencel fabrics

Sustainable fabrics made from wood fibers


LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ fibers are made from wood from sustainably managed forestry. The manufacturing process of viscose fibers corresponds to high environmental standards. Awarded the EU environmental label (Ecolabel).


Sustainable viscose fabrics made of wood fibres

Organic cotton fabrics

Cotton is one of the most important raw materials for the manufacture of textiles. As natural fibers, they are theoretically more environmentally friendly than synthetic fibers because they are a renewable raw material and biodegradable. The cultivation of conventional cotton, however, requires a lot of water. The use of and genetically modified plants and pesticides is also problematic.

The advantages of organic cotton:

Water consumption

Significantly lower water consumption compared to conventional cultivation. According to some studies, savings of up to 91% are possible.

Fair Prices

The farmers get better prices for their products. This promotes smallholder structures and the independence of the producers.

No chemical pesticides

The use of chem. Pesticides are banned and balanced or not necessary through more sensible farming.


In contrast to genetically modified plants, organic cotton produces seeds from which new plants can grow.

no genetic engineering

The use of genetically modified plants is prohibited. This promotes independence from large seed producers.

reliable seals

Seals like GOTS or IVN not only regulate the organic cultivation of cotton, they also prescribe minimum social standards.

Organic fabrics KATTUN

At you get a large selection of high quality organic fabrics for your next sewing project. Our range includes sweat fabrics, jersey fabrics, poplin, canvas, jacquard fabrics or cuffs made from organic cotton. Some of the fabrics are GOTS certified.

Organic cotton fabrics

Fabrics made of organic cotton

Buttons made of natural materials

With us you get a constantly growing selection of sustainable buttons and accessories made from natural materials. These mainly include buttons made from coconut, wood or e.g. the stone nut. Buttons made from natural materials are made from renewable raw materials and are biodegradable. Buttons made of natural materials are particularly suitable for sewing projects for babies and toddlers.

Buttons made of natural materials

Discover our selection of sustainable buttons made of wood, coconut or the stone nut