The wool for our sustainable wool fabrics comes from sheep that live in species-appropriate conditions. This means sufficient space, good nutrition and humane conditions for the animals. We only use wool from farms that work without mulesing. Most of the whale fabrics are even organically produced and certified accordingly. Of course, this also applies to the environmentally friendly dyeing of wool fabrics with ecological dyes.

Woolen fabrics, woolen wool or wool loden simply buy online at KATTUN-Stoffe.de

Pure new wool is a very valuable raw material with fantastic properties. Wool is very absorbent, regulates the temperature very well and feels relatively dry even when damp. The wool fiber consists of a protein called keratin. Wool is very stretchy. The elasticity is very high, creases in wool textiles hang out very well, especially in humid air. The scales on the fiber surface mean that wool can be felted when exposed to heat, pressure, moisture and alkalis.

Loden or fulling fabrics are medium-weight to heavy carded yarn fabrics, often mottled, with or without a coating. Heavy fulling makes them dense and hard-wearing. Woolen fabrics are particularly warming. Used for coats, costumes and suits. Also perfect for suits for babies and infants.

We offer pure woolen fabrics or in a blend with cotton. All of KATTUN's fulling fabrics are kbT (controlled organic animal husbandry) certified and some are also GOTS certified. Controlled organic animal husbandry includes strict guidelines regarding the species-appropriate husbandry of the animals. Chemical treatment of the animals to prevent pest infestation is prohibited, the animals must have sufficient access to large pasture areas, the stables and feed must be species-appropriate and organically grown. Mulesing and similar practices are prohibited in the production of kbT-certified organic wool.

The advantages of our whale fabrics are obvious

Advantages of kbT certified organic woolwalk:

-species-appropriate animal husbandry

-the feeding of genetically modified plants and fattening aids is prohibited

-natural reproduction of the animals

-no pesticides or insecticides

-Mulesing is prohibited

-very high quality

Advantages of woolwalk or fulling fabrics:

-temperature regulating (warming and cooling)




-dirt and water repellent

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