Our magazines offer a wealth of high-quality patterns, creative designs and inspiring projects for needlework enthusiasts of all levels. From modern fashion trends and sustainable upcycling ideas to classic knitting and crochet projects, they offer a diverse selection of projects to stimulate the imagination and expand crafting skills.

  • Fibre Mood: "Fibre Mood" is a renowned sewing magazine characterised by its high-quality patterns and modern designs. Each issue contains a variety of patterns for garments, accessories and home accessories inspired by current fashion trends. The "Fibre Mood" patterns are characterised by their clear instructions, versatile styling options and the possibility to adapt them to individual preferences.
  • Tauko: "Tauko" is known for its innovative patterns and sustainable designs. The magazine focuses on upcycling projects and shows its readers how to create stylish fashion and accessories from old garments and textiles. Tauko's patterns are often simple and adaptable, and the magazine offers a wealth of inspiration for eco-conscious craft projects.
  • Katia Fabrics: "Katia Fabrics" is a well-known sewing magazine that offers a wide range of patterns and designs for knitting and crochet projects. In addition to fashionable garments and accessories, the magazine also contains instructions for home textiles and decorative items. The patterns in "Katia Fabrics" are characterised by their clear instructions, innovative designs and the use of high-quality yarns that make knitting and crocheting a pleasure.
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