Sewing thread

We only offer sewing threads from Amann Mettler. Amann Mettler manufactures a wide range of different sewing threads in high processing quality with excellent sewability.

We offer the following sewing threads from Amann Mettler:

  • Denim Doc - DENIM DOC is the perfect sewing thread for denim fabrics. Whether for the production of jeans or their repair: the strong sewing thread made from polyester core and cotton core spun is ideal for closing, topstitching and serging seams.
  • Seracycle - The all-rounder for environmentally conscious sewing enthusiasts (Both the sewing thread and the bobbin case are made from 100% recycled plastics. Only old, transparent PET bottles are used).
  • Seralon - The universal thread (Seralon is available in up to 435 colours. Tear-resistant, abrasion-resistant and with optimum stretch, it is the perfect overall package).
  • Seraflex - The elastic sewing thread (Seraflex is perfect for sewing with stretchy fabrics thanks to its elasticity. The innovative raw material PTT allows the sewing thread to stretch up to 65%).
  • Troja - Amann Troja is the inexpensive all-round sewing thread from Amann, a spun two-ply thread. This tear-resistant two-ply thread is characterised by optimum sewing properties, a uniform seam appearance and consistently good quality.
  • Trojalock - The perfect overlock thread (Trojalock is the right sewing thread for your overlock machine).
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