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Sustainable sewing with

Sewing is already sustainable in itself! Everyone has heard about bad production conditions of the clothing industry. Selfsewn clothing with quality fabrics is unrivaled in quality and can therefore be worn for a long time. Therefore, we always endeavor especially to expand our already wide range of organic and responsibly produced products. Discover our fabric selection from organic fabrics, organic cotton, Tencel, bamboo or recycled materials.

Organic cotton, tencel or fabrics made from recycled materials?

Organic Cotton
By banning fertilizers and pesticides and chemical defoliants, organic cotton not only protects the environment, but the use of compost and manure for fertilization also reduces the large amount of water needed to grow cotton. The obligation to change crops with other crops reduces pest infestation and nourishes the soil. Organic cotton is hand-made without the use of chem. Defoliants harvested.

Fabrics made from recycled materials
Substances that are partially or entirely made from recycled polyester reduce the plastic waste pile and reduce the need for crude oil for the production of new plastics. The production of recycled polyester also requires less energy than newly produced polyester.

Tencel or Lyocell is predominantly made from sustainably grown eucalyptus wood. Eucalyptus, unlike cotton, does not require chemical plant toxins and does not require artificial irrigation or fertilization. The solvents used in the processing of Euclyptus fibers are biodegradable and 99% reusable. Thus, Tencel is probably the most sustainable tissue ever.