Discover our autumn colours!

Stoffe für den Winter

Let's start with the soothing green of matcha. This hue is reminiscent of the evergreen foliage bravely bracing itself against the oncoming fall. The rich green stands for freshness and vitality and symbolizes life that goes on even in the cooler seasons.

Lavender, a soft and soothing color that evokes the calm that autumn brings. The purple flowers of lavender symbolize the serenity we can find this season as we take time for ourselves and admire nature as it changes.

Latte brown, a warm and earthy color, represents the cozy moments of fall. It is reminiscent of fragrant coffee and cozy sweaters that we put on to protect ourselves against the cooler temperatures. Latte brown brings a calming and inviting edge to the fall palette.

Gold is the color of abundance and brilliance. As the sun dips lower on the horizon and the light breaks through the trees in warm golden rays, the world is bathed in a magical glow. Gold symbolizes the treasures and joys that fall brings.

The color rose brings a feminine and romantic nuance to this autumn blend. Reminiscent of delicate flowers that open despite the approach of winter, it exudes an air of elegance and grace that makes autumn even more magical.

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