Decoration ideas for the Christmas table

Add a festive touch to your Christmas table with our exquisite linen fabrics! Discover a variety of fabrics in different structures and designs that perfectly match your festive table decorations. The natural elegance of linen gives your table a warm and cozy atmosphere. From delicate linens with a fine structure to robust fabrics for a rustic touch - we have the perfect fabrics to set the scene for your Christmas table. Merry Christmas and a festive table decoration full of style and character!

Bento Bags

Many people are probably already familiar with the traditional Japanese packaging method "Furoshiki", in which a simple cloth is artfully draped. The result is not only pretty, but also practical and sustainable.

We have now come across the so-called “Bento Bags”. Almost a further development of Furoshiki:
One or two rectangles are sewn in such a way that you only have to tie the corners at the end. The result is a practical bag that can be used as gift packaging. When it has had its day, you can continue to use it as storage space for all sorts of odds and ends, such as sewing or knitting utensils.

We are in love!

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