Stoffe fuer den Winter

Warming fabrics for the cold season


Organic Wool High Quality

Dense, GOTS certified wool fabric with a very high surface weight of 430 g/m² which is also wonderfully soft. Therefore it is also ideal for baby and children's overalls, jackets, coats, etc. Most of the raw wool comes from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Fulling takes place in pure water - without additives or chemical additives! Much of the energy required comes from sustainable energy sources.

Merino Walkstoffe

Organic Merino Knitted Felt

Medium-weight wool walk made from 100% organic merino wool. kbT means controlled, organic animal husbandry and guarantees sustainable production. The Merino wool walk is very soft and versatile due to its medium weight.

Ungefaerbte Walkstoffe

Undyed Knitted Felt

This wool walk is pure nature! It is 100% natural - no dyes or chemical additives! Dense wool fabric with a very high surface weight of 430 g/m² which is also wonderfully soft. Therefore it is also ideal for baby and children's overalls, jackets, coats, etc. The wool (100% mulesing free) comes mostly from Europe from small shepherd farms. The wool is neither dyed nor bleached and retains its natural color. Mixing light and dark natural wool creates wonderful melanges.

Bio Teddy kbA

Teddy Fabrics

Our teddy fabrics are ideal for making trendy loungewear, cozy outerwear and stylish accessories. The soft touch and high quality of our fabrics ensure a comfortable fit and skillfully highlight your designs. Our teddy fabrics have a very high cotton content of at least 80% to 100% cotton.


Organic Fleece Fabrics

Our organic fleece fabrics are carefully selected and not only offer a pleasant feel on the skin, but also an environmentally friendly alternative. Made from natural fibers that are processed in an environmentally friendly way, you can be sure that your creative projects are not only stylish but also sustainable.


Knitted Fabrics

With different textures, patterns and colors, our knitted fabrics offer limitless possibilities for your individual creations. The high-quality materials not only guarantee a comfortable fit, but also longevity and ease of care.

Sweatstoffe C.Pauli

Midweight Sweat from C.Pauli

The sweat fabric is available in 15 colors, it is made from 100% organic cotton (kbA) without elastane and GOTS certified. In terms of weight (280g/m²) it lies between our French Terry Basic Brushed quality (225g/m²) and the Organic Sweat Brushed (310g/m²) from mind the MAKER and is therefore a great addition to our range.⁠ As usual from C.Pauli The quality is very good and the material is manufactured according to strict ecological guidelines. The back is wonderfully soft and cozy.⁠

Viskose Stoffe

Quilt Fabrics

This fabric is a water-repellent quilted fabric with a soft feel and semi-matt surface. It is light as a feather, easy to work with and the perfect choice for jackets, vests and other outerwear. In order to enjoy your garment for as long as possible, please be sure to follow the washing instructions! This fabric is certified with Oeko-Tex Standart 100 and guarantees that the product is free of harmful substances and chemicals that are harmful to health.

Nicki Stoffe

Nicki Stoffe

Depending on the quality, our Nicki fabrics have a very high cotton content of 90-100% in order to keep the proportion of artificial fibers as low as possible. Our Nicki fabrics are stretchy and wonderfully soft. Thanks to their velvety feel, they are suitable for many fashionable projects for adults and children.

mind the MAKER Stoffe

Organic Sweat Brushed von mind the MAKER

The Organic Sweat Brushed from mind the MAKER from Denmark is very heavy at 320g/m² and 180cm extra wide. It is very suitable for all projects where high weight and maximum quality are required. We always have the right cuff for all sweat fabrics from mind the MAKER in our range.

Organic Waffle Fabrics

Organic Waffle

To introduce our new, GOTS certified organic waffle fabrics with GOTS certificate, we have reduced them by a full 20% for you!⁠ ⁠ The organic waffle fabric is super soft and you can get it from us in 14 very beautiful colors. It is made of 100% organic cotton and is manufactured according to the strict GOTS guidelines.⁠ ⁠ Waffle fabrics are very versatile. They are suitable for many clothing projects such as jackets, skirts, scarves, bathrobes and much more. You can also use it to make wonderful blankets or nests for babies. But there are also countless projects in the interior sector: tea towels, pot holders, curtains,...⁠

Ripp Bündchen für Beanies

Bio Ripp-Bündchen von mind the MAKER - perfekt für Beanies oder Leggins!

Discover first-class, ribbed cuff fabrics for your beanies and leggings! Our high-quality fabrics not only give your creations an attractive texture, but also a perfect fit. The ribbed cuffs not only offer a modern appearance, but also optimal elasticity to ensure that your beanies and leggings are comfortable and stylish.