We love beautiful fabrics. We love beautiful design and quality. We love our children and the environment.

From the big city to the countryside. From the group of companies to your own thing.

After a long, turbulent time with big city life and group jobs, my husband Nik, our three children and I moved from Munich back to our Swabian homeland in 2017. We wanted to reinvent not only our private life, but also the way with whom and with what we earn our money. Namely best with ourselves and with what my professional heart beats for.


Elisabeth – trained fashion seamstress, Dipl. Ing. (FH) for clothing technology and triple mom. The great passion for fabrics developed during the training and has been a fixed component of her life ever since. With the founding of KATTUN, Elisabeth has returned to her origins after years in the industry: the daily contact with fashion fabrics and sewing enthusiasts.

„Anyone with a passion for creative craft knows this - the love and passion for the material! That's how it is with fabrics. You see a fabric - and already the ideas are bubbling, what can arise from it.“

The rest of the bunch - Nik, who use to work in the event technology branche, takes care of the online shop, all technical aspects of the company and  the product images. Not only does he not have to travel so often anymore, he can also intensify his passion for photography and spend more time with his family. Good for everyone!


Nicer fabrics that last longer

We love beautiful fabrics. We especially love it when they perfectly fit your sewing projects. Because we sew ourselves, we know how much time and love you invest in your hobby. At KATTUN, we make sure that our fabrics are not only very easy to work with, but are also comfortable to wear and look great after a long period of use. That's why we deliberately source a lot of fabrics from smaller manufacturers who often offer very high quality fabrics in organic quality. So that our fabrics always live up to your projects and your passion and time pays off.

The environment is close to our hearts

As triple parents, we try to live up to our responsibility for the future. Sewing is already sustainable in itself! Everyone has heard about bad production conditions of the clothing industry. That´s why we always endeavor to expand our range of organic and responsibly produced products. In addition, however, we also pay attention to sensible behaviour in areas that are not in the limelight. Among other things, we are using ecologically produced electricity in our company and send CO2 neutral with DHL go green. We always try to ship in the "right" box to minimize packaging material and to protect the environment.

Your advantages with KATTUN

Beautiful fabrics
More and longer pleasure with it!

Fast shipping with DHL
Often the same day!

Top customer service
Write us or call us!

Sustainable thinking
Ecological fabrics and attitude!


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