Atelier Brunette  is a Paris-based designer...


Atelier Brunette is a Paris-based designer label with a fabulous flair for timeless design. When Annabelle and Rajeev founded Atelier Brunette in 2013, they had the idea of creating a brand of exclusive fabrics with unique and original designs! From the very beginning, the idea was to create high-quality fabrics for clothing production. Above all, Atelier Brunette is a unique combination of style and quality craftsmanship.

In a few years, the brand has developed more than sixty original prints with powerful colours. There is a particular focus on sustainability and fair conditions. It is required that factories involved in the production of fabrics have all the necessary certifications to work with the European market (ISO 9001 and Ecocert).

We love the timeless elegance of Atelier Brunette fabrics! That's why you can buy many fabrics from Atelier Brunette in our online shop. Have fun with it!